Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.”
― John Maxwell, Failing Forward

hello and welcome. my name is [mī · ē · sh-uh]. you are welcome to just call me by my nickname, Boo. as most of you all know, i tend to dabble a little in the arts. i earned a Bachelors in Visual Communications and Studio Art from Austin Peay State University. many have seen pieces of my work. some have been waiting for years to see. with that said, “Fail Forward” is finally here. i recently completed an art show hosted by the Wilbur N. Daniel African-American Cultural Center (Clement 120) at Austin Peay State University. i have 12 limited edition, Watercolor Illustrations available for purchase.

12 x 16 print [$57.00 plus shipping]

4 x 6 postcard [$7.00 plus shipping]

4 x 6 postcard pack of 6 [$25.00 plus shipping]

4 x 6 postcard pack of 12 [$50.00 plus shipping]

you may email me or call to place your orders. in the subject line please reference “Fail Forward”. i am available after normal business hours.

phone: 615.714.4041

email: mieshaarnold@gmail.com

Special thanks:

The Framemaker

705 N 2nd St Suite B

Clarksville, TN 37040

Henderson Hill III, Tammy Sanchez, and the Staff/Students of Austin Peay State University and The African American Cultural Center (Clement 120)

Lamar & Cecilia Arnold, LaMonica Arnold, Talice Thomas, and Tiffany Choice 

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